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Sayaka Oya

I’m “Sayaka Oya”.
And living in Tokyo.
I think about a “ART” anytime.
Art is provides and suggests themes and options to viewers.
Get fluctuation in values by actually experiencing it
Actions activities.
I think “Art can share the value of others And it has unlimited values.”
I trust that the world will change a bit through art.
I am making works with the concept of sharing and sympathy.
I propose encounters with new values using art a painter who lives in Tokyo.
After the fashion designer,
Started activities as a live painter from 2010.
Painting art is various, but mainly expression
of animals and people
I often draw it as well.
A wide range of activities from illustrations.
The concept is “empathy” and “sharing”.
Mural painting, mainly live painting,
We actively act nationwide including Japan.
There are various works such as performing arts,
artistic director.

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